Control with Insight

M2M Insight simplifies and automates
management of even the largest SIM estate

Whatever the scale of your estate, it is essential you know every individual device is connected and working as it should. With large global IoT deployments, this is a time consuming and resource hungry challenge.

M2M Insight makes tracking deployments simple

Our unique management portal allows you to view the performance of every single device’s SIM on a one-page dashboard. This highlights any devices operating outside defined business rules – enabling you to spot any anomalies.

M2M Insight provides granular level information right down to when and where each individual SIM was connected and how much data is being used. This allows you to eliminate or implicate the connection as a potential cause for concern and speeds up diagnosis and fix.

Issues can also be remedied immediately. For example, regional tariffs can be changed to match a SIM’s new location or data limits adjusted when high-use is indicated, or predicted. Individual SIMs, subgroups or entire estates can even be suspended or deactivated instantly.

Simplify operations

M2M Insight lets you personalise SIM configurations for each tariff group.

With one-click you can amend any one of a whole catalogue of controls including data allowances, roaming zones, high-usage warning levels, automated cut-off limits and more. You can even enable services like SMS notifications.

This system makes activating new SIMs a straight forward task. You simply select your chosen SIMs and assign a tariff group from a pull down menu.

Business intelligence with Insight

Customisable fields built into M2M Insight allow you to analyse performance and costs, and compare different data sets according to rules that you have defined.

This powerful business intelligence tool allows you to assign important contextual information to each SIM - such as your customer’s name, the device ID, a building location or vehicle registration - enabling logical searches, meaningful analysis and reporting.

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