Control your costs

Pay for what you use, not what you might need

Data usage is notoriously hard to predict. Despite this, traditional approaches to IoT connectivity have seen vendors impose excessive ‘overage’ charges - up to 10 x higher than standard charges - for exceeding their limits.

This is effectively penalising businesses for being unable to predict the unpredictable. We believe this is unfair.

That is why we have eliminated long contractual price ties. Our flexible commercials mean our minimum term is just three months, and data allowance and bundle price can be adjusted to optimise billing during this time. This flexible approach to billing ensures that customers only ever pay for what they use, not what they think they might need.

M2M Insight

The M2M Insight portal allows companies to set usage alerts, to avoid ‘bill-shock’ from rogue devices or fraudulently used SIMs. This also provides our customers with the reassurance that they can identify and prevent abuse in the event that a SIM card is ever stolen.

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