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M2M Intelligence provides visibility and control – without compromising security, resilience and global scalability

For large global deployments you need full confidence in your connectivity. M2M Intelligence’s next generation MVNO architecture provides that confidence.

Our customers receive the precise visibility and control expected from a traditional MVNO – through our M2M Insight portal. Contrary to other first generation MVNO suppliers, however, we do this without compromising security, resilience and global scalability.

We have achieved this by simplifying the network architecture to ensure your critical data remains on Tier-1 carrier infrastructure at all times. This has provided a solution strong enough to cope with sudden loads and allow large SIM estates to be activated simultaneously and instantly.


M2M Intelligence:

Our next generation MVNO solution keeps your critical data secure within global-scale Tier-1 carrier infrastructure. At the same time you acquire precise visibility and full control at all times, via the M2M Insight management portal.


Mobile Operator:

By working directly with mobile operators you can lose the real-time visibility, control and personalised support provided by an MVNO.


Traditional MVNO:

Routing your data through a traditional MVNO APN network can create a point of weakness. This can also act as a limiter to rapid large-scale deployment.

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